ONBC: Join the world's largest LGBT travel trade association - Out Now Business Class - geared towards helping travel businesses attract more LGBT customers.


More than ever before, gay and lesbian consumers expect brands' products to deliver on the promises made in gay market advertising.

Travel is not consumed at the point of seeing gay advertising or purchasing a holiday.

Travel is only experienced by LGBT people at the point of consumption.


Whether or not lesbian and gay consumers return - and send their friends - depends upon the individual customer service they experience from their travel agent, the staff working in the hotels they stay with, and at the attractions they visit when on vacation.

Only one product ensures that staff working in the travel industry have the skills they need to deliver what industry experts call the 'world's best' standards of gay customr service.

OutNow.travel is an innovative training, marketing and accreditation program that trains staff - and empowers consumers to 'know before they go' which travel industry suppliers can really walk the talk.

It is not enough anymore just to say an establishment is "gay-friendly". The consumer wants more.

They seek the reassurance that your staff understand their gay travel concerns and how to meet them.

OutNow.travel is not about treating your lesbian and gay customers different to other customers. It is about letting gay customers experience what most travelers take for granted. The ability to relax and be themselves on vacation.

Training matters

Out Now Business Class training is available to train hotel staff online, in four languages, to help LGBT guests relax and be comfortable to just be themselves when they are visiting you on holidays. Staff learn how to debunk stereotypes, what things might bother us when we travel and how they can generally help us to just relax and have a great, relaxing holiday.

Rating system

Each hotel listed on the OutNow.travel website has an interest in LGBT people staying with them as guests. OutNow.travel is currently implementing a new ratings system to help LGBT customers make even better informed choices. Soon you will see that each hotel will have a rating next to their name - to show how many staff working at each location have already trained in Out Now Business Class training.

Ratings will range from zero - where a hotel is enrolled, which is a great start, but is yet to start training their staff online - through to a maximum ranking, where most of their staff have trained and LGBT guests can expect really superior welcoming service. It is all about offering customers more choices with better information. We are really excited to introduce this new rating system to OutNow.travel - check back soon!

Get more

With ONBC training delivered online to help industry staff serve LGBT customers better, and a range of exclusive member benefits - there is no other program that delivers as much as OutNow.travel together with Out Now Business Class.

For more information, and to get started today, visit OutNowBusinessClass.com and apply to get started now.

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