Who we are

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We are a team of specialised marketers with high levels of expertise in understanding gay and lesbian customers.

Established as Significant Others in Australia in 1992, we help companies achieve better results in the gay and lesbian market. In 2001 the firm opened its first European office - Out Now Consulting - in Amsterdam servicing clients in Britain and Europe.

Out Now has consultants in all key markets globally, providing local expert knowledge hand-in-hand with global gay marketing solutions. Clients large and small appreciate knowing that their lesbian and gay marketing needs are being met by the leading global gay marketers - Out Now.

Our work in this highly specialised area over almost two decades means that we are now the world's most experienced specialists in marketing to lesbian and gay customers.

We believe that there is no such thing as a "typical" gay or lesbian person. Diversity is the key to understanding this market. 'Homosexual' does not equate with 'homogenous'.

We maintain at all times the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and respect in all our operations and dealings with global LGBT communities.


Our founder
ian3a_smaller_100x123.jpg Ian Johnson, Principal Consultant of Out Now and Significant Others  Consulting, has almost a quarter century of experience in creating leading-edge market leadership in LGBT insights and global business strategies.

After graduating from the University of New South Wales, Sydney,  Australia in 1988 with degrees in Law (LLB) and Commerce (BCom  (marketing)) Ian Johnson worked with Citibank and two leading law  firms in Australia.

Following the delivery of successful outcomes for project-based  marketing clients, Ian established Significant Others in Sydney in 1992.

Ian Johnson has established an unrivalled level of experience in developing effective gay and lesbian marketing approaches that work. He set up what is now the world's longest established gay marketing program.

Ian's experience sees him in high demand for client consultation and speaking engagements.

Leading-edge work includes ground-breaking tourism campaigns, research studies and communications initiatives aimed at LGBT people for leading organisations such as visitBerlin, Lloyds Banking Group, Barclaycard, German National Tourist Office, VisitMexico and VisitBritain.

Mike Wilke - Senior Consultant North America
Michael Wilke is Global Advertising Specialist at Out Now. Based in New York City, he began charting the emergence of gay marketing and advertising as a journalist in 1992. Wilke founded Commercial Closet Association in 2001 to promote advertising that respects diversity, gender identity/expression, and sexual orientation. In 2012, Commercial Closet became AdRespect.

Wilke has guided dozens of Fortune 500 companies and advertising agencies. His work is cited by college textbooks, news agencies, and he is credited with coining the popular term "gay vague." Wilke has written for The New York Times, Advertising Age, and Adweek, He has worked for NBC, CBS, and appeared on CNN and BBC.

Susann Jerry - Cross-Platform Communications Specialist
Susann works in partnership with businesses, organisations and entrepreneurs to deliver high impact strategic communications campaigns. Her work is creative, smart, agenda setting and designed to deliver a clear return on investment.

Susann has worked in the area of human rights, equality and diversity for the past 10 years, developing content led campaigns to deliver transformational change. Her specialisms encompass technology, media, advertising and marketing, retail, professional services, research, training and education, entertainment, music, leisure, travel and tourism, non government organisations and start ups. She is a Director of the London Coaching Foundation, a grassroots sports charity working on behalf of young people regardless of their background or ability.

Andres Reyes - Latin America Strategic Consultant

Milko Rivera Hope - Latin America Strategic Consultant

Hanna Muoniovaara - Nordic Strategic Consultant








Sven Palys - Japan Strategic Consultant






Markus Winter - Japan Strategic Consultant
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David Heathcote - Business Development Manager
ian3a_smaller_100x123.jpg David focuses on high level business development for Out Now and our clients. He is a skilful networker and enjoys the strategic challenge of opening doors for our clients to access high quality opportunities.

As Development Director for an independent school, David transformed stakeholder engagement whilst heading an enterprising campaign to realise the construction of a £750k facility in his three year assignment. David's portfolio includes companies in manufacturing, technology, professional associations and the arts, and has experience engaging the public sector and politicians on behalf of his clients.

Dean Clayton - Business Development Manager
Dean specialises in delivering sales growth and consultancy on a variety of projects, ranging from manufacturing to technology and marketing. 

He has a strong track record with prestigious brands including BMW and Mercedes-Benz, as well as niche products such as Smart, with which Dean enjoyed particular success achieving a position as one of the top 10 executives nationally.

Success in previous roles has provided Dean the opportunity to travel across Europe and gain experience working with colleagues in Germany, France Spain and Switzerland.


Respect is powerful.