LGBT Market - Lufthansa


We developed a gay travel concept for this German airline ("Gay Summer") in 2002. This has been followed by a second campaign in 2003 ("reFRESH yourself").

Our work involved concept development, image selection, advertising copywriting, design and delivery for client, media liaison with key gay media titles, and developing online websites for both promotions to stimulate sales. We liaised with leading gay venues in Berlin, Cologne, New York and San Francisco for the 'Gay Summer' promotion in 2002, as well as five of the UK's leading gay publications.

The second project ('reFRESH yourself') in 2003 involved Out Now working to promote the Lufthansa brand in key gay nightlife venues in the UK - in London, Edinburgh and Manchester. We secured the support of the managers of these venues, then designed advertising and distributed in-venue promotional materials (posters and T-shirts).

We also secured a dedicated gay media partner to maximise coverage of the initiative in gay press. We developed and managed a prize giveaway and included an online website promotion and sales tool for the promotion.

The campaigns have generated strong sales growth for the airline in a new market. It
improves both the brand's positioning, and sales, amongst these high-yield customers.

As a result, the airline enjoys improved sales, a stronger brand image in the gay market and the benefits of a highly targeted email distribution mechanism to communicate specific offers to gay customers.

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