LGBT2020 - Next Level Thinking - London - January 21 2011

For the first time ever, powerful research insights - gathered from more than 35,000 LGBT people across the world - offer employers, brands and advertisers a detailed perspective of LGBT audiences and employees. Initial key findings of LGBT2020, the world's biggest ever LGBT research study were released at this VIP seminar.

LGBT2020 is Out Now's vision of where brands and businesses need to be looking to position themselves more effectively for the future. This annual study sets a benchmark for the expectations and values of LGBT communities globally - and will track emerging trends, market opportunities and the major influences for this market.

Click here to access the entire seminar papers package. Indvidual seminar papers are linked to each speaker's name below.



ian.jpg Ian Johnson - CEO, Out Now Global

thomas.jpg Thomas Lynch - Product Development Manager - TUI, travel brands Thomson and First Choice

kim.jpg Kim Watson - Managing Director - Media and Marketing, Millivres-Prowler Ltd

dick.jpg Dick Stroud - Managing Director, 20plus30. View slide commentary here and below.

susann.jpg Susann Jerry - Global Diversity and Communications Specialist, Out Now

daz-jpeg.png Darren Cooper - Senior UK Consultant, Out Now

paul.jpg Paul Bradley - Chair, Spectrum LGBT ERG, Home Office

lotte.jpg Lotte Jeffs - Lesbian Specialist, Out Now


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