Worlds Gayest Tourism Destinations


Which Are The World's Gayest Tourism Destinations?

-Largest ever research into lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender tourism reveals most popular destinations

LONDON, UK (OUTNOW) -- MAY 10, 2011 -- Results of the largest market research study of its kind are released today - and the new report reveals - for the first time - which are the true gay tourism hotspots, right around the world.

Many travel destinations have at times laid claim to being a 'Gay Capital', and there have been previous surveys published purporting to reveal the favourite places for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) travellers. However these have traditionally focused primarily on sampling just the LGBT community in the USA.

A new study from Out Now Global for the first time reveals results from LGBT people living in 18 countries right around the world - to give a far more definitive and much more accurate global picture of exactly where LGBT people are planning to visit for their holidays in the next three years.

With almost 40,000 respondents from this landmark study, Out Now's LGBT2020 research is the largest study of its kind ever to be undertaken. As well as a comprehensive data set collected from the USA and Canada, the research also covered seven countries never before tested in the fast growing region of Latin America.

Samples were undertaken in ten languages in eighteen countries - including key markets across Europe, as well as Japan and Australia.

"Out Now is delighted to be dramatically expanding the global knowledge-base of tourism data with the LGBT2020 research study project," said Ian Johnson, CEO of Out Now. "This is the most comprehensive LGBT research project ever undertaken. We sample in ten languages and in 2011 we will reach people living in 25 countries around the world. There has never been an LGBT market research project with the scale and true global reach of LGBT2020."

These results set the global benchmark for measuring LGBT travel aspirations, and provide a wealth of valuable information for those wanting to understand how to tap into the lucrative gay and lesbian tourism market.

Out Now tested a range of destinations across all regions and has compiled the first global travel rankings ever to have been compiled.

The results, which were collected in ten languages across six continents show some marked regional differences, but also some striking similarities too.

New York for example ranks consistently as the number one destination that LGBT travellers globally wish to visit in the next three years in North America. While London is a firm favourite for LGBT travellers from Europe, North America and Australia - the huge desire for South Americans to see the delights of Paris lift it the top of the LGBT city rankings for Europe.

Likewise the city of Sydney also made a near clean-sweep in most of the countries tested, proving that there are some destinations that have pulling power for potential lesbian and gay tourists, no matter where they live on the planet.

The country findings also showed a few surprises, with France almost beating out the USA for the number one desired country to visit, and Argentina and Brazil both making it into the elite group of the Top 10 must-see countries for LGBT travellers.

Mark Elderkin, CEO of Gay Ad Network, the category-leading gay media network, says the new data should prove useful to advertisers looking to reach LGBT travellers. "Travel is one of the leading advertising categories across gay digital media platforms," Elderkin says. "This new LGBT2020 data is a valuable and unique decision-making resource for the travel industry."

A full list of the finding of this study, from single, regional and all eighteen global markets are available by contacting Out Now: 


Which of the following places would you be interested in visiting for a holiday in the NEXT THREE YEARS?


Country Ranking Globally Score
(Max 180)
USA 1 129
France 2 128
Spain 3 114
England 4 108
Italy 5 92
Germany 6 73
Australia 7 62
Canada 8 55
Argentina 9 50
Brazil 10 47



Global top 20 LGBT holiday city destinations

Destination Ranking globally Score Max 180)
New York 1 179
Sydney 2 177
Rio de Janeiro 3 173
Paris 4 168
San Francisco 5 165
London 6 156
Buenos Aires 7 154
Tokyo 8 148
Hong Kong 9 128
Melbourne 10 127
LA/West Hollywood 11 126
Amsterdam 12 124
São Paulo 13 121
Barcelona 14 112
Las Vegas 15 109
Cancun 16 102
Mexico City 17 101
Capetown 18 99
Rome 19 98
Berlin 20 95



Cities in Europe / UK
City Ranking Globally Score
(Max 180)
Paris 1 168
London 2 156
Amsterdam 3 124
Barcelona 4 112
Rome 5 98
Berlin 6 95
Madrid 7 89
Venice 8 73
Prague 9 43
Vienna 10 20


Cities in North America

City Ranking Globally Score 
(Max 180)
New York 1 179
San Francisco 2 165
LA/West Hollywood 3 126
Las Vegas 4 109
Miami 5 90
Chicago 6 81
Vancouver 7 73
Toronto 8 52
Washington 9 50
Boston 10 27


Cities in Africa / Latin America / Caribbean

City Ranking Globally Score 
(Max 180)
Rio de Janeiro 1 173
Buenos Aires 2 154
Sao Paulo 3 121
Cancun 4 102
Mexico City 5 101
Cape Town 6 99
Marrakech 7 54
Cuzco 8 39
Bogota 9 38
Punta del Este 10 35


Cities in Australia / NZ / Middle East / Asia

City Ranking globally Score 
(Max 180)
Sydney 1 177
Tokyo 2 148
Hong Kong 3 128
Melbourne 4 127
Auckland 5 90
Bangkok 6 69
Singapore 7 64
Beijing 8 59
Gold Coast 9 47
Tel Aviv 10 46


Regions/ provinces/ states/ lifestyle
Region Ranking globally Score 
(Max 180)
California 1 154
NY State 2 149
Hawaii 3 143
Caribbean 4 141
Florida 5 102
Quebec 6 76
Canary Islands 7 65
Adventure Holidays 8 56
Ontario 9 37
Eco Tourism 10 30




The 'Out Now Global LGBT2020 Study' is a ten year program of market research and is the world's most comprehensive LGBT research project.

In 2011 the study is sampling gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender (LGBT) people in ten languages from 25 countries on six continents on many aspects of their lives. From LGBT travel and tourism patterns, lifestyle habits, consumer expenditure, incomes, spending, harassment, discrimination, employment and entertainment preferences - the LGBT2020 project is a groundbreaking project from Out Now.

In 2010 almost 40,000 respondents from around the world participated in the LGBT2020 study.

More information is available at and

Out Now is a global LGBT marketing agency that has for two decades been relied upon by the world's leading organisations to better understand the lives and concerns of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. Clients include IBM, Toyota, Lufthansa, Qantas, German National Tourist Office, Barclays Bank, National Australia Bank, Lloyds TSB Banking Group and Citibank.

Copies of the full reports from the LGBT2020 Study are available by contacting Out Now


Ian Johnson, CEO, Out Now Global

Telephone US: +1-310-878 4878

UK: +44-(0)20-8123 5288

Australia: +61-(0)2-8003 5253



The 'Out Now Global LGBT2020 Study' is the world's largest ongoing research study. In 2010 the study surveyed almost 40,000 LGBT people living in 18 countries and in 2011 the study is expanding to reach LGBT people living in 25 countries around the world.

Unlike other gay and lesbian market research studies, LGBT2020 research is undertaken in the native language of the survey respondents - whether that be Japanese, Dutch, Spanish, German or English. In fact, the LGBT2020 research study samples consumers in six continents using ten different languages.

LGBT2020 is an exclusive project undertaken by the leading international LGBT marketing agency, Out Now Global.

In the UK Out Now chooses to partner with Millivres Prowler, Europe'a leading LGBT media company - publishers of DIVA, GT and In the US LGBT2020 partners with Gay Ad Network - the category leading gay media network, reaching over 6 million unique users per month across 300 popular LGBT websites, blogs and social networks. Ranked as the largest U.S. gay media property, Gay Ad Network provides online, mobile and video advertising services to global and national brands targeting the gay and lesbian market.

In addition to media partners, LGBT2020 networks extensively through social media, community organizations, LGBT community groups, employee resource groups and via mainstream media coverage to reach a more diverse LGBT sample than any other research in the world.

The LGBT2020 Study enjoys strong support from industry with sponsors including Lloyds TSB Banking Group, Delta Air Lines, Turespaña and German National Tourist Office.

Countries sampled in this LGBT2020 research report: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Ecuador, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Poland, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay.