Which Is Mexico's Most Popular Gay Tourism Destination?


Which Is Mexico's Most Popular Gay Tourism Destination?

NOVEMBER 17, 2011 - PUERTO VALLARTA, Mexico: New research findings released today on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) travel habits has revealed the most popular tourism destination for LGBT travelers planning to visit Mexico from the important US market.

The study also revealed a change between the Top 3 Mexican tourism cities from last year to now.

The 'Out Now Global LGBT2020 Study' is the world's largest research study of its kind, and it was revealed today that the most popular destination for gay travelers from the US for 2012 is Cancun - with 25% of all US LGBT2020 research respondents stating that they hoped to visit Cancun in the next three years.

Second most popular destination -- with 17% of American LGBT travelers now wanting to visit -- is Mexico City, which is up from third place last year.

Moving down from second to third position in LGBT tourism plans is Puerto Vallarta.

Of the three cities tested (Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta and Cancun) it was Puerto Vallarta that has seen the greatest loss in its appeal to America's 15 million gay and lesbian travelers - who collectively are expected to spend USD$51.2 Billion on leisure travel in 2012 (Data source: Out Now Global LGBT2020 Study - US sample).

In 2010 there was a total of 24% of LGBT2020 US respondents who said they hoped to soon visit the traditional gay holiday hotspot of Puerto Vallarta, however that destination's second place ranking in 2010 has now been lost to Mexico City.

Puerto Vallarta sustained the biggest drop in intended US LGBT visitors falling from 24% to 14%.

According to the study's author -- Ian Johnson, Founder and CEO of Out Now -- only part of the drop is due to a general US downturn in tourism in 2011. "We are comparing last year's data from the 2011 Out Now Global LGBT2020 Tourism Report with the new sample currently being collected in the US market," says Johnson. "So there is some hope for Puerto Vallarta that these figures might improve. However a general 5.3% across-the-board drop in US LGBT tourism evident in the new data set now being readied for publication in the 2012 edition of our report shows that of the top three Mexico cities for US LGBT travelers, it is Puerto Vallarta that is struggling most in the current market. Mexico City and Cancun experienced drops of 5% year-on-year -- which is slightly better than trend -- whereas Puerto Vallarta fell further. With a 10% decrease in its appeal to the lucrative US LGBT market from 2010 to 2011 -- double the trend decline -- we think these figures should cause tourism officials in Puerto Vallarta some level of concern. When you factor in that these figures apply to more than 15 million LGBT American travelers who next year will spend a total of over USD$51 billion on travel, a drop of a few percentage points translates into significant levels of lost tourism revenues for the local economy. The competition for LGBT travel is becoming increasingly competitive, and Puerto Vallarta seems not to be playing at the same level in this market as its main tourism rivals in Mexico."

Johnson went on to say that the rise of Mexico City from third to second place reflected a number of strategic factors.

"Mexico City tourism authorities have been calmly pursuing a strategic push into the LGBT market since at least 2009 when they offered a free honeymoon in Mexico City to the  first gay couple to wed under Argentina's then newly enacted marriage equality laws," Johnson said. "This is part of an overall level of official support for the development of LGBT tourism that we are seeing out of the tourism authorities in both Mexico City and in Cancun at this time - and it is such a sustained approach and genuine demonstrated commitment that is pure textbook marketing when it comes to attracting LGBT customers. We think this ongoing commitment is responsible for these cities not falling down on the US gay tourism wishlist in the way that Puerto Vallarta has done."

The latest Latin America gay market research is being released by Out Now next week during a conference presentation by Johnson as part of the International Expo & Business LGBT taking place in Puerto Vallarta from November 20 - 23.

US LGBT2020 Research Respondents
- Desired Destinations Next Three Years
Mexican destination 2011 ranking 2011 percentage 2010 ranking 2010 percentage
Cancun 1 25% 1 30%
Mexico City 2 17% 3 22%
Puerto Vallarta 3 14% 2 24%



Out Now Global undertakes the world's largest LGBT market research program - the 'Out Now Global LGBT2020 Study' which in 2011 is underway in ten languages across 25 countries, including seven in the Latin America region (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay). Data from Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico and Argentina is to be presented by Out Now during the Expo in Puerto Vallarta. http://www.LGBT2020.com

The objective of the International Expo & Business LGBT, Puerto Vallarta is to be a showcase and business platform for buyers and sellers who drive national and international products and services to the LGBT community. Among the industry professionals are service providers such as airlines, hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, car rental agencies, travel operators, travel agents and tourism boards, CVB's, and leading companies currently serving the global LGBT community as well as companies interested in leveraging the business opportunities of the LGBT market.

This important event will be host business exchanges with the opportunity of having 24 appointments over two days between buyers and sellers nationally and internationally to discuss sale and trade opportunities. In addition, during this conference there will be seminars for those interested in learning about the tastes and buying tendencies of the LGBT community and new market trends.

Mexico is home to 4.8 million gay and lesbian adults earning USD$67 billion annually (based on Out Now research using 1993 Yankelovich MONITOR estimates). Brazil is home to 8.7 million gay adults, earning $95.8 billion annually. Argentina is home to 1.8 million gay and lesbian adults earning USD$27 billion annually.


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